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Have fun with the Craftimal escapade creating your own handcrafted animals using yarn, collaging coloured paper and colourful feathers, painting wooden pegs, and creating a vibrant environment of the Craftimal Zoo for your lovely animal friends' home.


Collage Animals

These wild animals has their own unique patterns and they wouldn't have those without your help by collaging their fur, skin, and feathers! You may choose and create your unique colours too following their usual patterns using cut out coloured papers.


Woolly Animals

Let your creativity out in crafting this set using yarn to create woolly animals from sheep to the prehistoric mammoth! Tying and wrapping the yarn in the animals creates your very own miniature, soft zoo friends!


Woodland Animals

Go deep into the woodland and you'll find the exquisite animals residing there. These peg animals requires intricate painting using acrylic, and felt and pompom balls for the cute and miniature animals' body parts. Let your inner craftist out!


Craftimal Canvas Map

Find your way through colouring the craftimal zoo map with washable markers to create a colourful home for our animal friends! When you are bored of your design, simple wash it, dry, and colour all over again!


Craftimal Jumbo Canvas Map; Picnic Blanket

In JUMBO size, so you can bring it with you on your picnic as a picnic blanket, or have a fun colouring competition with friends.


Crayola 12 pcs Ultra-Clean Washable Markers (Broad Line)

Make your mat / picnic blanket re-colourable with these washable markers. Simply soak in water for 15min before washing and tadah! A clean mat to be coloured all over again.
Remember to cart this item if you don't already have them!

Craftimals Zoo

PriceFrom $12.00
Expected to be ready in around a month from pre-order.
  • Collage Craftimals:

    Peacock, Giraffe, Tiger, Zebra, & Alligator

    • 5 Animal Cut Out Templates
    • Coloured Papers
    • Craft Glue
    • Instruction card + Animal Fun Facts


    Woolly Craftimals:

    Alpaca, Woolly Mammoth, Komodo Dog, Orangutan, & Sheep

    • 5 Animal Cut Out Templates
    • Various Yarns
    • Craft Glue
    • Instruction card + Animals Fun Fact


    Woodland Craftimals:

    Owl, Squirrel, Rabbit, Fox, Brown Bear

    • 5 sizes of Wooden Pegs
    • Acrylic Paint & Brush set
    • Black Sharpie Marker
    • Felt
    • Pipecleaner
    • Craft Balls
    • Craft Glue
    • Instruction Card + Animals Fun Facts

    Craftimal Canvas Map

    • Canvas Map with snap button for easy keeping.
    • Handy Drawstring Bag to put the Canvas Map and all your markers to them neatly together, plus you can have fun on-the-go.

    Craftimal Jumbo Canvas Map; Picnic Blanket

    • Canvas Map Picnic Blanket with snap button handle for easy keeping and carrying.


    Crayola 12 pcs Washable Markers (Broad Line)

    • A box of Crayola 12 pcs Ultra-Clean Washable Markers (broad line).


    Scissors are not included for the Craftimals Art Boxes

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