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Panda 夫妻

Acrylic on Canvas


Artist: C.L.W (Chia Low Woo)

A self-taught artist who fuels his passion for painting and art in his leisure hours.

Back in the 70s C.L.W was into sketching and photography. Even clenching a few awards from photography competitions.


Few years back, C.L.W took an interest in canvas painting and have never looked back. He challenges himself to explore, delving back into this passion that was left void for too many years. Now he enjoys painting a variety of works including sceneries, portraits, and abstract. Sometimes with the company of his children and grandchildren as spectators. Painting with joy and love. It is never too late to fuel that childhood passion.

Panda 夫妻 (husband & wife)

  • 23.5" x 31

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