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Spy X Family Anya Forger Felt Doll

Anya Forger Spy x Family Felt Doll sewing tutorial

Who can resist this cute telepathic child? We can't. We love her so much that we've created her very own plush doll for you to create, hug and cuddle at home!

Our patterns are available for purchase if you haven't. Feel free to scale the patterns up or down to your liking.

Bonus: We've shared with you the head only version as well.

P.S. We would love to see a huge cushion head if you made one!

 What You'll Need 

Please Print & Cut out the patterns:

The patterns will be sent to your email when your purchase payment is confirmed. Don't miss out your spam folder.

Do email us at if you did not receive the files after payment confirmation.

Get a copy of Anya Forger Felt Doll Patterns pdf file

Anya Forger Spy x Family Felt Doll sewing download

Also prepare these:


White Ribbon

Sewing Needle(s)

Threads in following colours:

  • Coral pink

  • Beige

  • White

  • Black

  • Gold

Felts (or fabrics) in following colours:

  • Green

  • Coral pink

  • Beige

  • White

  • Black

Uhu all purpose glue / similar glue / fabric glue

Lighter (to seal the ribbon ends)

Soft pastel in blush colour (optional)

Anya Forger Felt Doll Tutorial

Spy x Family Anya Forger felt plush doll is also available as:

[ If you are lazy to source for the materials yourself ]


[ If you need teacher's help ]




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