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Pop-Up Paper Doll House

Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial

This craftwork will let you design your own dream house by creating your own Pop-up Paper Dollhouse! Using your own ideas, you can create, draw, and colour your favourite patterns and furnishing designs and build the happiest “mini home” in the neighborhood!

On each template, you can see the legends/guides for the lines on the bedroom at the upper right corner, which are the cut, fold and paste symbols. On the room template, you can see letter guides where you’ll paste the furniture. And at the bottom part of the templates, you can see and read the simplified instructions on each template.

 What You'll Need 

Please Print on Thick Paper:

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Get a copy of pop-up paper doll house's pdf file

Pop-up Paper Doll House download

Also prepare these:

Colour Pencils / Crayons / Other Colouring Tools

Glue / Double-Sided Tape



Black Marker

Ruler (optional)

Let's Go & Create!


Prepare the printed templates and your colouring materials. You can use a pencil and an eraser as well if you’d like to add some patterns like stripes, polka dots, or even some dreamy background for the wall!

Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial


After adding your designs and patterns, start colouring the walls and the door, the floor, and the furniture as well. You may choose lighter colours and the colours that compliment each other such as blue and green, pink and purple, yellow and orange, and etc.. Then after colouring, add some shadows on the sides to create more effect.

Tip: Try not to use black straightaway on the shadows, but you can use a darker shade of the base colour where you will put the shadows. (Example: Red can be used as Pink’s shadow). Also note that you don’t need to colour the shapes with letter guides as you will paste the furniture on them! :)

Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial


After colouring, cut along the lines of the room and furniture carefully. Make sure that you cut only the outside part, but not the room or furniture itself!

Note: If you are not comfortable using scissors, you can ask mommy or daddy, or an adult to help you cut the template. :)

Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial


With all the items cut, you can start folding the room and the furniture as well! Fold the room and the furniture following the dashed lines, and make sure they are folded very neat. :)

Then after folding, as you have furniture that has doors such as cupboards, cabinets, and closet, colour the outside part of these doors as well. You can add knobs using a marker, or you can draw using pencil and colour them. Don’t forget to add shadows as well!

Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial
Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial


After folding, connect the inner edges, or the walls of the room using a tape. Note that you can only tape these edges from the blank part behind to avoid taping your design. Then the floor of the room should be folded inwards toward the walls, so you could create a square room when folding.

Paste the furniture following the letter guides. Careful not to put too much glue as well as it will take time to dry, and your room might stick together when folded. Keep your bedroom aside when done. :)

Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial
Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial
Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial


Repeating the same steps from STEP ONE to STEP FIVE, colour and create designs next on your living room, cut, fold, and paste based on the guides! And remember to be extra careful with the scissors.

Tape the walls the same way as you taped the bedroom walls.

Do the same steps in your kitchen and toilet.

Tip: Bedroom and living rooms should be comfy, so try to use light colours and simple patterns of homey style. Kitchen and toilet floors and walls are usually tiles. You can draw the tiles with checkered lines and colour them alternatively with two or more colours. Don’t forget to add shadows! :)

Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial
Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial


After finishing all the four rooms, paste each side of the rooms’ walls back to back. Starting with the bedroom, connect and paste together the back of the bedroom’s right wall and back of the living room’s left wall. Do the same on the next room which is the kitchen’s left wall to the living room’s right wall, then the toilet’s left wall to the kitchen’s right.

Once all the rooms are connected, tape the inner edges of the rooms’ walls to secure it and so that it will not tear apart easily.

Now you can fold and open your pop-up mini home!

Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial
Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial

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Pop-up Paper Doll House tutorial

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