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My Burger Joint Menu

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids

 What You'll Need 

Please Print / Draw the Items:

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Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids download

Get a copy of Burger Joint Menu Template pdf file

Also prepare these:

A3 Drawing Paper (1 piece)

Colour Pencils / Other Colouring Mediums

Acrylic Paint (optional)

Assorted Paint Brushes

Toothbrush (optional)

Black Marker




Water in a Cup / Container

Paint Palette (optional)
Towel/Tissue Paper (optional)

Let’s Begin!


Prepare the A3 paper and divide it into two parts by using a pencil. I will be using a medium-sized flat brush, a rounded tip brush and a toothbrush for today. Not to worry, you may use any flat and rounded tip brushes if you have at home! You can also choose your own colours for this part, but if you do want to achieve this beautiful starry night sky effect, keep reading!

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids


Paint the top half of the paper black, and the bottom half, blue! Next, blend the two colours together to form a beautiful night sky.

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids

“How to blend?”, you might ask.

Well, all you have to do is to paint the top half black by moving your brush from the left to right, continuously. This will help create a smooth layer of paint. Start by applying a small amount of paint first and then add on if need. The next step is to wash you brush, towel dry it and paint the bottom half using dark blue. As you are painting from left to right or vice versa, move upwards and blend the two colours together. If unclear, the step is shown in our video as well. You might want to move a little fast as the two colours have to still be wet for you to blend it. 


Now it’s time to use a toothbrush! Wet the clean toothbrush in water, dip the tips with white paint and use your thumb to sprinkle the paint across the background. You may use any paintbrushes for this step if you do not own any toothbrushes as well! Now, leave your background aside for it to dry.

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids

This will be the outcome of the dried painting. Lovely simple shades of blue and black that resembles the starry night sky.

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids


Grab a black pen and start outlining the dotted lines that are already prepared for you in our kit. Look at the array of food choices! Feel free to draw out and add in your own food if you like.

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids


Let’s trace the dotted lines of the printout paper using the same black marker. Ensure you follow the guidelines slowly and carefully to achieve a neat outline. Leave the outline of the menu logo aside first (circle).

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids

Once you have traced all the dotted lines, your outcome will look something like this! Let’s get our colour pencils ready!

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids
faber castell colour pencils

You can use any kind of colour pencils you have at home! 


Time to start colouring! Colouring is therapeutic and fun. The food items will look really yummy once they are coloured in. 

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids


Next step is to prepare your scissors as we are going to cut these food items into individual pieces. Do be careful as scissors are sharp! Take your time to cut along the edges. Slowly but surely!

Now we are ready to move on to the next step!

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids
Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids


Once your background has completely dried, you may arrange your food pieces on top of it.

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids

Arrange them as how you would like but wait a minute, something seems to be missing! A menu should have a logo of the café or restaurant so let us work on that now. You may have already joined the dotted lines earlier so let’s design our logo. 


In the huge circle, I have designed the logo by using my own name.

You may do the same or you can create your own café name!

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids


Let’s cut the piece out and arrange it in the centre of the whole artwork. Your food pieces may overlap the logo if you prefer it that way. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer!  Enjoy the process and have fun!

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids

Wow! We’re almost done!

Now, we are going to be adding price tags to our menu.

This will allow the customers to know the cost of their food.


Fill in the prepared tiny rectangles with food names like “Burger”, “Pizza” and “Hot Dog” and write down the price of each of the food items.

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids


The last step is to re-arrange all of these price tags on your artwork. Once you have decided that all of them look great in their positions, you may start gluing each of the pieces down.

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids

And there you go~
Show us your yummy menu too! Tag us on IG @ArtivityTime

Burger Joint Menu Artwork Kids

I hope you enjoyed this home kit tutorial and continue to create wonderful artworks with us.

See you soon!

Enjoy our Art Kit?

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