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How Do You Crochet?

Exciting news! You've got a crochet project on your hands! But if you're feeling a bit lost with the stitches, don't fret – we're here to help.

Check out the clips below to start practicing ♥


And you who've stumbled upon this page and haven't dived into a crochet project yet, here's our collection of projects for you to indulge in. :)

01 : To Start off

Some common ways to start off a crochet includes:

We will be populating this page with the mini shorts on how to do them here. Keep your eyes peeled!

Magic Ring

The magic ring (also known as Magic Circle or Adjustable Ring) might seem intimidating initially, but fret not! Let's break down the magic ring technique together. With a bit of practice, you'll soon master it. The magic ring serves as a versatile starting point for a wide range of crochet projects.

Magic Ring : Method 1

Crochet how to Magic Ring

Magic Ring : Method 2

Crochet how to Magic Ring

Slip Knot + Chain

The slip knot and chain are the foundational elements of crochet. The slip knot creates the initial loop on the hook, while the chain stitch forms the starting chain that serves as the base for your crochet work. Together, they provide the starting point for creating a wide variety of crochet projects.

02: Basic Stitching

Below are the basic stitches you may be using in your project(s).

Chain Stitch — ch

Single Crochet — sc

Double Crochet — dc

COMING SOON: Double Triple Crochet — dtr

Increase — inc

Slip Stitch — sl st

Half Double Crochet — hdc

COMING SOON: Triple Crochet — tr

How to Change Colour

Decrease — dec

03: Intermediate Stitching

Below are the more advance stitches you may be using in your project(s).

Surface Slip Stitch

COMING SOON: Front Post Crochets — FPsc, FPdc, FPtc

COMING SOON: Cluster Stitches — DC /TR Cluster

COMING SOON: Bobble Stitch

COMING SOON: Cable Stitch

Lemon Peel Stitch

COMING SOON: Front / Back Loop Only — FLO / BLO

COMING SOON: Back Post Crochets — BPsc, BPdc, BPtc

COMING SOON: Shell Stitch

COMING SOON: Popcorn Stitch

Mesh Stitch

Waffle Stitch

04 The End : Weave in Excess Yarn

To finish off your crochet work, you'll want to secure the last stitch and weave in the yarn ends to prevent unraveling for a professional finish.

Have Fun Crocheting!

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