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Home Kit: How does it work?


1. Enter the class of any Home kit project that you fancy. Our classes are free, however some templates / materials will be chargeable at a nominal price.

2. Check that you have the supplies

  • If you don't you may get it from your local art store, or purchase them here.

  • Do note that some Home Kits may require printing


3. Cart it in

    Select "Digital Products Only" shipping option if you are only purchasing Home Kits

    Place your order

4. Send us a screenshot of your payment and order no.

    to this email:

    Subject: PAYMENT ORDER #(your order number)

5. Wait for your payment confirmation email, which comes together with the project folder.

6. Please download the project folder within 30 days from receiving the email, it will expire after that. Do check your junk mail too.

7. You may repeat the project as many times as you like

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