Home Kit: How does it work?


1. Find a project you'd like to delve into

2. Check that you have the supplies

  • If you don't you may get it from your local art store, or purchase them here.

  • Do note that some Home Kits may require printing


3. Create an account, and log in
*IMPORTANT: This will be your account to access the lesson(s)*

IF the purchase is done for another account, please enter username/email in step 5

4. Cart it in; Place your order

5. Send us a screenshot of your payment and order no.

to this email: artivity@achieversarts.com

Subject: Home Kit ORDER

6. Wait for us to add you into the class for the kit, with a confirmation email

7. Log in and visit www.artivitytime.com/home-kits anytime to enjoy your class. You may view as many times and repeat the project as many times as you like