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Hey there lovey dovey couples, happy families, BFFs, bros-forever, you and your lovely pet! Life is much more fun when we are together, and that applies to pictures too.



• Do spell check and ensure the names/wordings you’ve sent us to write is correct.

• No refunds will be given once artwork is started.

• All Hand-drawn Classic, Hand-drawn Coloured, Digital Cartoon, and Digital Simple Caricatures drawn are final.

• 1x revision is given for Digital Regular Caricature.

• 3x revisions are given for Digital Detailed Caricature.

• If you have a specific colour you'd like for background, feel free to let us know in the email.

• Artist reserves the copyright of the artwork.

Additional Persons for Caricature

PriceFrom $5.00
  • Hit the number of additional person/pet you want to add in your caricature.

    e.g. If you are ordering a total of 6 persons to be drawn together in a Digital Regular Style Caricature in a Frame:

    • Cart Digital Regular Style Caricature in Frame for 1 person (in the Caricature in Frame listing)
    • Cart Digital Regular Style Caricature in x5 quantity from this listing.


    If you have more than one group of caricatures order in the same style, you may cart the quantity together.


    e.g. If you are ordering 2x Hand-Drawn Coloured Caricature in Lanyard consisting of 2 person in each Lanyard:

    • Cart Hand-Drawn Coloured Caricature in Lanyard x2 (in the Caricature in Lanyard listing)
    • Cart Hand-Drawn Coloured Caricature in x2 quantity from this listing (1 additional person + 1 additional person).
  • To order additional piece of the same caricature, visit here:


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