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Dream about designing that very special house? We hear you little architect! 

Fix, Design, Paint, and Decorate.

Here we have 3 different style of houses, and 3 very different themes for you to choose from. Explore and experience the fun of designing your very own little house!


The end product can be a decoration on your desk, part of a doll house, pop a light source underneath, and it can even be a lamp!

Spooky Manor

Did someone scream for a spooky halloween manor?

Paint and decorate your very unique spooky house with errie-atic numbers of eyes, stickers, creepy crawly spider's webs, and a too cute to spook furry monster.


Candy Cottage

Coming soon!


Princess Chateau

Coming soon!

Cardboard Houses : Spooky Manor

Expected to be ready in around a month from pre-order.
  • Spooky Manor

    • Cardboard house
    • Spooky glass eyes (random colours)
    • Googly eyes
    • Halloween themed puffy sticker pack
    • Spider webs in white, black & orange
    • Spider
    • Cute little furry monster (random colour)
    • Acrylic paint colours set
    • Paint brushes
    • UHU all-purpose glue
    • Instruction card
    • LIMITED: Big spooky glass eye (1st 30 sets only!)
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