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Small and simple, but a special gift? We got ya! Have a cutesy hand-drawn caricature or a more life-like digital depiction in a luggage tag of your friend, family, or special someone! (That could be you too!).


Our caricatures are made special and uniquely for each person we draw, and it's one of the great ways to provide fun human expressions!
All our personalized caricature are 100% hand-drawn which is perfect for gifts.



• Do spell check and ensure the names/wordings you’ve sent us to write is correct.

• All Hand-drawn Classic, and Hand-drawn Coloured Caricatures drawn are final.

• 1x simple edits revision is given for Digital Cartoon Caricatures (i.e. change of color/size/text only)

• If you have a specific colour you'd like for background or clothing, feel free to let us know in the email.

• Artist reserves the copyright of the artwork.

Caricature in Luggage Tag

PriceFrom $15.00
  • Send the photo(s) & special text for the caricature(s)  together with the screenshot of your payment and order no., after your payment is made to this email:

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