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A solid favorite with artists and illustrators, the Castell 9000 is the top-quality graphite pencil for writing, drawing and sketching.


The hexagonal pencil has superior break-resistant leads made of finely ground graphite and clay which is smooth, never scratchy and guaranteed to sharpen easily.


The Eco Pencil is produced with wood from certified sustainable forests and is coated with environmentally-friendly, water-based varnish.

CASTELL 9000, a genuinely classic pencil, was launched by Count Alexander von Faber-Castell in 1905. Premium quality and finely graduated degrees of hardness have made it a firm favorite with artists and illustrators.


Its lead is fully bonded with the wood surround and is therefore particularly break-resistant. Ideal pencil for all technical, artistic applications and writing.

Castell 9000 6 Graphite Pencil Set

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  • Faber-Castell

    Castell 9000

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