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Treat your special someone or yourself with a cute and personalized badge! Perfect for bag and clothing accesory.


Our caricatures are made special and uniquely for each person we draw, and it's one of the great ways to provide fun human expressions!

All our personalized caricature are 100% drawn by hand which is perfect for gifts.



• Do spell check and ensure the names/wordings you’ve sent us to write is correct.

• All Caricatures drawn are final.

• If you have a specific colour you'd like for background or clothing, feel free to let us know in the email.

• Artist reserves the copyright of the artwork.

Hand Drawn Caricature in Badge

SKU: GS008
PriceFrom $12.00
  • Who's this lucky person?

    Send the photo(s) & special text for the caricature(s)  together with the screenshot of your payment and order no., after your payment is made to this email:

  • Special text

    You may add a Greeting or Name
    e.g. Asher
    For specific names or greetings tagged to caricatures, please state clearly when emailing the photo for caricatures.

  • Colour Preferences

    Let us know in the email if there's any background and clothing colour preferences for your caricature(s).


    Especially for group photos, it is highly recommended to give us a colour theme e.g. shades or blues / corals and turquoise / follow the photo.


    From our experiences, too many colours may make the photo seem a little messy, and the group to be non-homogenous. If no preference is given, we will choose the colours based on what we feel fits best (:

  • Size

    58mm Diameter

  • Safety & Care Instructions

    These Metal Button Badges are not suitable for Children under 3 years old.

    Sharp point present.


    Avoid storing in moist places / getting wet to prevent the metal parts from rusting.

  • Disclaimer

    For Customized Items, do expect 1 - 14 weeks for us to finish the product as each product is handcrafted with love and passion. Duration depends on the complexity and number of items we are working on at the moment. So please order in advance should you have a special gifting day!


    No refunds will be given once artwork has started.

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