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Embark on your manga drawing and fashion illustration journey with the Manga Drawing & Fashion Illustration Short Course Set!


This specially curated set contains all the essentials for diving into the exciting realms of manga and fashion illustration. 🎨✨

Manga Drawing & Fashion Illustration Short Course Supplies Set

    1. Gold Faber 18 Aqua Dual Colour Markers
    2. Gold Faber 6 Portrait Colour Markers
    3. Faber-Castell 4 Black Outline Pens
    4. A4 Black Book


  • We encourage you to purchase art supplies directly from our studios. This product page is primarily intended for use as a digital menu. Please note that we do not ship any products. If you choose to order through this website, kindly specify which studio you prefer to pick up your order from.


    Please await the 'Your Order is Ready' email and bring it along with the invoice for collection. Do collect your order within 30 days from receiving the 'Your Order is Ready' email.


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    Wednesday to Friday: 12pm-9pm,

    Saturday: 9am-6pm,

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