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Phoenix Stretched Artist Canvas - 3/4" Thick

In the sizes of:

9" x 12"

10" x 14"

12" x 16"

14" x 18"


Made of 380gsm medium grain, 100% natural cotton and stretched with paulownia wood stretcher bars.

Acrylic triple gesso-primed, acid-free and suitable for oil or acrylic painting. With its neat finishing where the staples are on the back, the finished painting can be displayed with or without a frame. Wooden wedges are also provided to re-tighten the canvas.


Disclaimer:- Colours in images are for illustration purposes, and actual colours may differ from what is shown on your screen. All our products are authentic and direct from the manufacturer. Outer packaging may differ depending on the product batch without affecting the contents.

Phoenix Stretched Canvas

PriceFrom $4.00
  • Phoenix

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